Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Joel Madden claims his new baby daughter Harlow is a "mama's girl". The Good Charlotte frontman - whose fiancée Nicole Richie gave birth to thecouple's first child on January 11 - can't compete with Nicole for Harlow'saffections.

He said, "She's definitely a mama's girl. Right now she needs her mombecause all she does is eat.

"It's cool to watch Harlow with Nicole because they already have a reallyspecial bond."

However, Joel is convinced he will be Harlow's favorite parent when shegets a little older.

He said, "I have a feeling that when she starts talking she's going to be adaddy's girl.

"I have my own little bond with her at the moment."

Despite giving birth just over a month ago, Joel insists Nicole looks"sexy".

He added to America's People magazine. "She's a wonderful mother and shelooks really hot already. The girl is gifted, man. Women hate her becauseshe looks good being pregnant and then has the baby and looks sexy. There's something so attractive about her now. It's a motherly glow."

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