Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Jennifer Lopez is planning to name her unborn twins Max and Emme.

The singer and her husband Marc Anthony are said to have chosen names for their son and daughter after J.Lo's mother Guadalupe was seen buying engraved gold bracelets in New York.

A source told America's Star magazine:

"The day before J.Lo's baby shower, Guadalupe picked up two gold-rope baby ID bracelets engraved with the names Max and Emme from a jewelers in New York."

Meanwhile, the couple has denied J.Lo went into labor yesterday. Marc's representative said: "It's not true.

We have been getting the same phone calls since last week. Everybody figures it is happening around now and they are hoping they will be right."

The 38-year-old 'Play' singer is expected to check into New York's North Shore University Medical Center, in Manhasset, to give birth next month.

The hospital has reportedly prepared a luxury suite for the star, complete with soft furnishings, wooden flooring and giant flat screen TVs.

A source said: "The J.Lo room is a little more lavish than what you find in the average maternity ward."

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