Saturday, December 22, 2007


Oh, The pregrancy of Jamie Lynn Spears has hit home for Rosie O'Donell.
Rosie says her 10-year-old daughter Chelsea asked about the 16-year old Jamie Lynn baby news. O'Donnell says she talked to Chelsea about Jamie Lynn Spears, "Here's how it went" she said:

"Mama u know the lady with the umbrella and no hair," Chelsea said. "Her sister is a teenager and she is having twin babies." (Actually, she only announced she was pregnant).

"And what do u think about that Chels?" asked O'Donnell.

"Teenagers can have babies?" her daughter asked.

"Yes they can, and it is never a good idea," she responded.

"Why didn't she take pills that make u not have a baby?"

O'Donnell's response: "Hmmmmmm."

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